What are your requirements? Internal employee motivation? Incentives for your sales team? Travel incentive programs?

Added value for your buying group members? On-going loyalty? Meetings and conventions? Fraser & Hoyt Incentives’ professional travel consultants will analyse your issues to create customized strategies and solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. We’ll be there from concept development through to execution to help guide and provide expertise to ensure your program’s success.

Each of our clients receives the individualized attention of a dedicated Account Manager to oversee their program. A single contact provides quality control, ease of client communication, and ensures that even the smallest detail is never overlooked. Your Account Manager will administer and co-ordinate the management of the travel program and budget, liaise with the hotels and air carriers, manage room and air blocks, reconcile accounting with all suppliers and provide you with one final, recapped invoice.

Site Selection and Inspection

Fraser & Hoyt Incentives has tremendous experience designing and executing travel incentive programs in exciting destinations around the globe. Our dedicated Senior Industry Relations Manager ensures we remain on top of the world’s hottest, most alluring destinations. We will utilize our extensive experience to ensure the most appropriate properties and destinations are chosen for your target audience.

Negotiations and Bookings

Fraser & Hoyt Incentives’ professional travel consultants can arrange airfare, accommodations, conference requirements, themed events, excursions, and transfers to meet your specific program needs.

Your program manager will reconcile accounting to provide you with one final recapped invoice.Fraser & Hoyt Incentives deals specifically with groups so our buying power with suppliers is strong. Your program manager will negotiate to ensure that you receive the best value for every dollar spent.

Marketing Support

Effective communication ensures that the program remains at the forefront of the participant’s mind and helps to generate excitement. Fraser & Hoyt Incentives’ marketing team can help to design program logos, themes, teasers, customized on-site gifts, and online tools to create participant excitement.

Onsite Management

Fraser & Hoyt Incentives’ skilled professionals are onsite and at your service throughout your event. Your program manager will work closely with your team onsite, operate an exclusive hospitality desk at your chosen hotel, organize and oversee all onsite functions, and provide assistance at the airport.

travel incentive programsDedicated industry relations manager on top of hottest destination trends