Simply saying ‘thank you’ can go a long way in making your employees feel valued.

The My Thanks to You platform provides effective recognition tools for managers, highlighting individuals and groups of employees who can be segmented by criteria set forth by your company. Criteria can include, but is not limited to, department and location.

Managers can recognize employees with monetary reward options, such as points or spot awards, and non-monetary options such as eCards and personal messages on the systems social feed.

The management system enables administrators to assign budgets to each business unit, divided amongst managers and employees at the administrator’s discretion. Each time a successful nomination for points is approved, the respective value is reflected in the user’s budgeted allowance. Administrators have access to view business units, or user’s budget status at any time in a comprehensive report format.

When a nomination is placed an email is generated and sent to the appropriate manager for review. The manager has a number of options from which to choose to process the nomination. Managers receive automated reminder notifications through the system to alert them when nominations have not been addressed after a specified time frame.

The system allows for a hierarchal approval structure whereby a system administrator can report/make changes to both manager and participant user accounts.Managers can report/approve nominations for those users that report directly to them. When administrators leave the organization, and new administrators step into their role, data can easily be transitioned between administrative accounts.


Managers are provided with a nomination approval tool that clearly defines the criteria required for a successful nomination