Established in 1987, our professional services in Travel, Recognition, and Employee Rewards are backed by decades of experience and specialist training.

Proud to be a leading Canadian incentive company based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Fraser & Hoyt Incentives will develop a customized Employee Rewards program to motivate your employees, or any other strategically targeted group.

The dynamic, experienced team behind Fraser & Hoyt Incentives works hand in hand with clients. Our focus is on innovative solutions that improve performance and exceed corporate objectives. We have an impressive history of developing and executing Incentive Programs for sales improvement, employee retention and motivation, channel partners and dealer groups, customer loyalty, safety concerns, and more.

Our multi-faceted approach encompasses education, expertise, and precise execution. Our associates possess an average tenure of 8 years and are educated on emerging destinations, unique venues, and out of the box experiences. Our associates are kept up- to-date about the hottest trends in the industry by attending our industry’s largest conferences both nationally and globally.  We are members of the Society of Incentive Travel Executives and Meeting Professionals International, and have incentive specialist certification.

Fraser & Hoyt Incentives has the necessary tools to help you achieve bottom line results. Let our creativity and expertise initiate change in your company today. Learn more about the Fraser & Hoyt Incentives Difference.


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